is this the end.. or a new beginning


I am counsel to TMZ Productions, Inc., the owner and operator of the website, and the owners of the trademark “TMZ.”  It has recently come to my attention that you are operating the website located at

Your website blatantly infringes on my client’s copyrights and trademarks.  You have co-opted the design and logo of for your own purposes, and you have done so with the clear intent to capitalize on the public’s recognition of that design and logo in order to drive traffic to your own website.  You are undoubtedly aware that your conduct violates the law.

You have one chance to make this right by removing all infringing content from your website.  If you fail to do so within 12 hours of your receipt of this email, TMZ will sue both your website and each of its owners and operators personally.  In that suit, TMZ will seek $150,000 per violation of TMZ’s trademark from each of you, and it will take every legal means at its disposal to enforce any judgment it receives.  You should not underestimate TMZ’s resolve in enforcing its trademark rights.

Jason Beckerman

Senior Counsel, TMZ

[t] 818.972.0977

[f] 818.972.8050


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